Friday, November 6, 2009

A Mother's Heart

I miss my children being babies! My heart yearns for those precious moments. I awake each day to children who have grown taller overnight. In my imagination, I still see them running down the hall, diaper whispering with each step. I can still smell the beautiful scent unique to each downy head. Their pink, teensie toes invite tickling and the soles of their feet are as soft as can be. Today, I live for their hugs just as they once lived by mine. They are growing up to be these amazing little people! The few short years from infancy to childhood are so precious to me. Irreplaceable! Those times are woven into my soul. These memories continue to feed me and bring me joy every day. Sometimes, I wonder if God feels that way about me. While my mind 'knows' that He does, it is hard to comprehend that God sees me for who I am and feels about me the way I feel about my children.

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