Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Rant To My Senator

Mr. Begich,
I watched you on Fox News today and you were supportive of President Obama's budget plan. I have a hard time understanding how and why you support his policies. Not only are they not working but it is as if no one is listening to the little guys that everyone keeps talking about. Our President mocks those of us who respectfully disagree with him. If we don't agree, then he rudely assumes that we are unable to read. He calls Wall Street folks "Fat Cats," but what about those of us who invest in the Stock Market because we think that Social Security won't be there for us? And truthfully, how is it that he can refer to people as "Fat Cats" when he flies around in a jet paid for by my tax dollars, rides a bus outfitted in Canada and vacations on Martha's Vineyard? It seems as though he has grown whiskers, pointy ears, and a tail. The bowl of warm milk that he is lapping up came from the taxpayer's cow. Why does he use inflammatory language and name calling that further divides Americans? Why does he support the Occupy Wall Street movement and liken them to the Tea Party after spending the last several years denigrating and dismissing the Tea Party? Frankly, all of this rhetoric is unbecoming and unpresidential. How is it that you can support him? How is it that you have failed to call him out and demand the civility he embraces only when it suits him? I am registered as an independent and I for one do not intend to sit idly by as my own President mocks me. In the next election, I will refuse to vote for the person who courts me will smooth words one moment and then slaps me with insults the next. Nor do I intend to vote for people who refuse to hold a member of their own party accountable for their words and actions. As a member of the middle class, I am certain that I am paying my fair share but the amount that we pay will never be enough for you all. Furthermore, some of us believe in hope and charity. We give significant amounts to charity not because you demand it, but because God asks it of us. The idea that increasing our taxes, making people pay their 'fair' share will imperil food pantries, women's shelters, and not-for profits everywhere. We will be able to give less to streamlined charities that spend less than 25% of their income on administration. In exchange, all of the money that is diverted to the government will spend 75% on administrative costs and we can only hope and pray that 25% manages to rattle down to the people it's supposed to benefit. President Obama's 'A GAME' is not good enough for America and if you support that game theory then yours isn't either.

Thank you for 'listening.'
Deborah R. Oliver

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