Thursday, July 1, 2010

Important People

I'm in a tizzy, prepping, cleaning, baking, and most importantly of all Stressing. We are having a work affiliated party at our house. I'd planned a casual, and by casual I mean my house doesn't have to be spotless, grill and chill. My 'planning' consisted of buying some items at the store, throwing my arms in the air, and saying it will all get done enough to have the party. Foolish me...My husband got an email last night indicating that some important people are planning to come. So I've been having a freak fit which only makes it harder for me to approach my tasks in an orderly fashion. Then I got a phone call from my husband. It was the sort of call that sends you to your knees in prayer. (God must be working on my testimony and patience.) In those few precious moments, I realized that I am having a conniption over important people coming over, but the most important one is here...Jesus. He's the one I need to be worried about pleasing and serving. I need to get over myself and focus on him. The frenzy of energy I've been expending is all well and good, but I need to refocus and treat Him as my honored, most important guest in my home each and every day.

Maybe I'll just drive through for KFC and let the guests fend for themselves. They can battle it down to the last spork and tub o' mashed potatoes. ; )


  1. How did the party go? What did you end up doing?

  2. Marcus,
    I think the party went well. Most importantly, people seemed to feel welcome in our home. Sadly, I was left with several types of cake that required eating and I was the only one available. It was a sacrifice, but I gave it my best!
    Thanks for reading,