Friday, July 23, 2010

Well Done, A Poem

It comes and goes; it ebbs and flows…This life that is mine.
The tides of comfort and of pain,
the emotions I hide and try to restrain
behind a mask of supposed joy and ease.

Really, I get lost amongst the strategies of how to cope,
First trying one, then another, clawing at each hope.
And maybe I look like I’ve got it all together,
but “all together” has really got me.
I hope so hard that no one else can clearly see
how inept I feel at life.

But I know that I know life has a purpose
for Jesus made such a painful purchase
of this wounded soul.

Though I feel like a Thrift Shop castoff in the back,
reduced for sale on the bargain rack,
He sees something inside of me that makes me worthwhile.
A little glimmer of Him in me that makes Him smile.

Maybe that’s really all I need to know.
Perhaps “HOW COME?” and “WHY?” or “WHY ME? “
are irrelevant in the eternality
of His grand design.

I want Him to give me His bird’s-eye-view.
To have the knowledge that life isn’t as askew
as it feels from day to day.
To feel the solidarity of fighting and coping
amongst the others who are struggling and hoping
that their life has meaning beyond the here and now.

And best of all when it’s said and done,
And we’re finally in the presence of the beloved Son,
we’ll feel his embrace and know that it was all worthwhile.

He’ll look into my eyes like a very proud parent
and with a voice of pride that is so transparent,
I’ll hear the words I’ve always hoped would come,
Well done my child, Well Done!

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